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(radiovisiography) for teeth imaging, 90% less radiation than classical X-ray machine


for the detailed and enlarged view of the oral cavity on a computer screen


a device for periodontal pocket cleansing and paradenthosis treatment


sand blasting and pigment removal with no negative side effects to the dental enamel


for automated production and determination of the tooth’s root canal


for washing out and disinfection of root canals which, combined with previously mentioned, adds to efficient endodontic teeth treatment

The new thing in paradenthosis treatment is the Vector, a special machine designed to cleanse the affected gum completely painless, with no need for an anesthetic.

It has specially designed extensions (pins) that reach deep in periodontal pockets, and by using ultrasound vibrations and sharp edges thoroughly cleanse the dangerous sub gingival tartar (not visible by a naked eye, builds up in periodontal pocket and is dangerous for it causes inflammations).

Vector also cleanses inflamed gum and at the same time it distributes two kinds of polishing matter for smoothing and polishing of the root surface. Before the procedure all visible tartar buildups are thoroughly removed and the procedure it self lasts no more than one hour.

The treatment results with Vector are excellent if in the meantime the patient follows instructions on oral hygiene, specific brushing methods and aids recommended by a dentist. The effects are visible immediately after the treatment; the gums recover in 2 weeks.